With Ashcraft Research Inc. as your marketing research partner, you’ll open doors (and your project) to innovative design, thoughtful questionnaire development, tabulation, statistical planning, actionable analysis, reporting and presentation.

Also, as your partner, we will be the control point for your project’s implementation, providing diligent quality checks every step of the way. You’ll benefit from the latest technologies, including extensive experience in internet data collection (we were early adopters).

What sets Ashcraft Research, Inc. apart is our extensive client-side experience (including both industry involvement and government experience). This experience will translate directly to your project, contributing a deeper understanding and greater problem-solving capabilities.

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See the forest, not just the trees:
• Positioning studies with executional implications
• New product optimization integrating marketing elements
• Managing brand image through social media analytics
• Uncovering consumer motivations through emotional laddering
• Brand metrics • Attitudinal trends
• High net worth consumer analysis
• Contribution as your team member



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